L’estasi della soglia e il Nulla. Intorno a un «Osso» Montaliano

  • Roberto Celada Ballanti
Parole chiave: Montale, Ossi di seppia, Nichilismo, Sfera religiosa, Eternità


The essay about Eugenio Montale explores, philosophically, a specific lyric poem of Cuttlefish Bones: «Maybe one morning...». On the one hand, – as is well known to Montalian criticism – this is a text that has essential implications on the nihilism’s level, since it suspend phenomenical reality to the void and nothingness, on the other hand it contains a figure of the religious sphere ideally contemporary: the possibility that from that nothing, from that void, the miracle can open up to a revelation which saves and redeems the contingency in some aporetic eternity.


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Celada Ballanti, R. (2017). L’estasi della soglia e il Nulla. Intorno a un «Osso» Montaliano. Bollettino Filosofico, 32, 194-217. https://doi.org/10.6093/1593-7178/5356